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  • Organisational Alignment
  • Corporate Strategy Synchronisation
  • Value Delivery Audit
  • Value at Risk (V@R) Assessments


  • Strategic Business Review
  • Strategic Market Review
  • Critical Path Analysis
  • Business Portfolio Composition


  • Adaptive Strategy Development
  • Core Competency Identification
  • Creation of Sustained Competitive Advantage
  • Engagement Model Design
  • Value Chain Analysis



What is albossTM?
How does albossTM work?
How can albossTM help my organisation?



Activated Logic works to improve our client's abilities to manage their organisations and increase their level of shareholder confidence. We take a unique interest in our clients and gain the best possible understanding of ways to address both threats and opportunities. In the process, we are able to customise effective strategies.

Take the best possible course of action

Nobody needs to be told that the world has changed significantly in recent times. Organisations in both the private and public sectors are striving to cut costs and maximise their return on investment. It has never been more important to have a firm strategy in place that enables you to manage the process efficiently and meet your goals.

Leveraging Opportunities

Activated Logic has developed an innovative framework to systematically review your organisation and discover fundamental competitive strengths and objectives. This forms the basis of strategy formulation with one clear objective - sustainable value creation.

“Activated Logic can assist your organisation develop and maintain a strategic fit between the goals, resources and capabilities of your organisation and the rapidly changing marketing opportunities, and the expected future business environment.”

A well thought out strategic plan provides guidance to your organisation, enhances your values and objectives and creates strategies for how those objectives will be achieved. 

Discover the benefits of integrating, optimising and synchronising your value delivery network, and extracting significant commercial benefits from your customers by using competitive advantages that are external to your organisation through partnering with aligned value delivery partners.

Adapting to the changing business environment
Understanding economic, social and technological challenges and how they affect your organisation

Creating value through competitive advantage
Identifying, building and leveraging core competencies effectively to create competitive advantage

Strategic planning in changing times
Develop a strategic fit between the goals and capabilities of your organisation and its evolving market opportunities

Strengthening your value delivery network
Planning and partnering to build enduring and profitable stakeholder relationships


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