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alboss™ – Business Optimisation & Synchronisation System

What is alboss?

The capacity of an organisation to create and provide value to customers through the business process of generating revenues beyond costs, and the consequent realisation of financial profits - forms the foundation of organisational value creation, the precursor to shareholder value creation.
Because the ability of an organisation to create and deliver value is determined by the resources and capabilities of an organisation, it is important to understand how effectively an organisation can develop their core competencies into competitive strengths as this potentially provides a powerful source of strategic advantage.

The Activated Logic – Business Optimisation & Synchronisation System, is an adaptive business strategy development methodology, designed to maximise value creation by determining and developing organisational competencies, into competitive strengths ensuring your organisation is able to capitalise on rapidly evolving market opportunities.

The alboss will help you understand:

  • How you deliver value to your customers
  • How you can improve the effectiveness of your value delivery network
  • The benefits of integrating and synchronising your value delivery network

How does albosswork?

The process of optimising and synchronising the business strategy of your organisation involves four distinct, but interrelated objectives.

Objective 1 - Adapting to the changing business environment
Based on a detailed examination and a comprehensive Business & Market Review of the current macro-environmental forces facing your organisation and assess the impacts on your micro-environment.

Objective 2 - Creating value through competitive advantage
Determined by a detailed analysis and review of the tangible and intangible resources, capabilities and core competencies of your organisation, with the objective of accurately determining the core competencies of your organisation.

Objective 3 - Strategic planning in changing times
Based on assessment of dynamic between competitive advantages and challenges, decisions regarding business portfolio composition and incorporating findings from the product/market expansion grid.

Objective 4 - Strengthening your value delivery network
Determined by a rigorous, whole of value chain - value delivery audit.

Following the comprehensive assessment of the macro-environmental impacts, the key changes to the business environment and the challenges they present to the marketing environment, each of these potential risks and opportunities is prioritised based on the hierarchy of impacts derived from a combination of value at risk (V@R) and critical path approaches.

Finally a complex synchronisation methodology is applied to align the competitive advantages of your organisation with the key business opportunities, through the most desirable value delivery pathway.

How can alboss help my organisation?

  • Rapidly determine what it is that your organisation does better than the competition, and devise strategies to leverage and extract more value from these core strengths.
  • Adapt to the changing business environment and understand economic, social and technological challenges and how they affect your organisation.
  • Develop adaptive priorities & strategies – an integrated solution that maximises the core competencies of your organisation and allows you to leverage these strengths to overcome challenges and capitalise on appropriate and attractive business opportunities.
  • Strengthen the robustness, effectiveness and sustainability of your value delivery network and use it as an enduring source of competitive advantage.

This information is intended to provide a general overview of Activated Logic’s business optimisation methodologies and is not intended to provide detailed information in order for you to be able to make specific decisions. 

If you would like more information on how Activated Logic can improve your organisation please contact us.  Activated Logic, al-boss, al-siam & al-i&pi are registered trademarks owned by Activated Logic Pty Limited.

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