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Identification and classification of investment priorities

Identify and rank investment priorities based on existing and anticipated market opportunities and organisational strengths

Deciding and investing in core projects which are likely to underpin the future success and profitability of your organisation are important decisions that require a systematic approach to determine the attractiveness and suitability of investment in specific projects.  The prevailing market environment and opportunities need to be examined in depth to determine attractive segments and specifically projects which may suit your organisation.  Furthermore, consideration also needs to be given to the anticipated market environment and any opportunities which may arise based on the extrapolated understanding and outlook of the business environment.

Once the existing and anticipated opportunities are well understood, further consideration needs to be given to the capacity of your organisation, specifically the resource and capabilities and how these combine to potentially form competitive advantage, and how these can be assembled and utilised to capitalise on market opportunities.

How can Activated Logic help?

Using the alboss™, specifically the sections which relate to Strategic planning in changing times and Creating value through competitive advantage, provides a basis for determining investment priorities. Following a detailed review of market opportunities and organisational strengths, a comprehensive analysis process is effective in determining the prioritisation of all investment opportunities through the use of alsiam™, Activated Logic’s - Sequential Investment Assessment Matrix.

Determine attractive market opportunities
A detailed market research approach is necessary to ensure all suitable investment and growth areas are identified and thoroughly examined for suitability. Proactive organisations that wish to remain competitive must determine the optimal strategy for the organisation given its objectives, resources and capabilities whilst taking the current and expected future business environment into account.  The objective of strategic planning is to develop and maintain a strong strategic fit between the goals and capabilities of an organisation and its changing market opportunities.
Management should have a clear idea of where your organisation is going strategically and should be able to answer the following fundamental questions:

  • Who are our target customers?
  • What do our target customers value?
  • What should our business be?

For more information see Strategic planning in changing times.

Determine organisational strengths
It is important to be able to specifically and accurately identify the core competencies of your organisation, because it is the core competencies that are almost always the precursors for creating sustained competitive advantage. 

"Without identifying (or often generating) an inventory of core competencies, your organisation has little prospect of being able to sustainably compete effectively in the marketplace.”

Many organisations, even the ones that are quite successful, often find it difficult to simply identify what it is in the organisations capabilities that is able to give it an ‘edge’ over the competition.  Activated Logic is able to provide a systematic and independent assessment of your organisations core strengths and competencies – the findings are essential for many different functions in your business planning, ranging from fundamental strategy formulation to stakeholder engagement (Understanding and engaging key stakeholders).

For an organisation to be able to consistently deliver sustained value to its customers it must be able to design, produce and deliver better solutions to its customers for a better price than its competitors – this is only possible through embedded and inter-organisational sources of competitive advantage.

Activated Logic is able to systematically assemble and align your organisations sources of competitive advantage to be able to optimise and maximise the creation of sustainable value created by your organisation and delivered to your customers (Strengthening your value delivery network).

For more information see Creating value through competitive advantage

Analysis and prioritising of investment options
The ability of an organisation to create and deliver value to a consumer (and effectively profits to the respective shareholders) is determined by the resources and capabilities of an organisation, and how effectively an organisation can develop their core competencies into competitive strengths to deliver strategic advantage.  During the current capital constrained economic environment, it is particularly important to ensure that all investments achieve superior ROI’s, well above the organisation’s WACC and above the organisations IRR thresholds.

Through the application of alsiam™, Activated Logic’s - Sequential Investment Assessment Matrix, superior projects, investments and corporate arrangements which meet the organisations desired financial and strategic goals are scrutinised and ranked to determine a preferential schedule for investment.


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