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alsiam™ - Sequential Investment Assessment Matrix

What is alsiam™?

Developing strategies to achieve organisational objectives is obviously very important, however the biggest challenge many growing and established organisations face is securing sufficient capital to be able to fund capital and operating expenditure necessary to achieve their organisational objectives.

The Activated Logic – Sequential Investment Assessment Matrix, provides a structured hierarchical approach to the raising and allocation of capital from both an operational perspective and also in relation to corporate transactions involving the acquisition, joint venturing or divestment of major assets.

How does alsiam work?

The process of sequentially assessing different investment options for your organisation involves four distinct, but interrelated objectives.

Objective 1 - Identification and classification of investment priorities
Identify and rank investment priorities based on existing and anticipated market opportunities and your organisations strengths identified through the earlier application of the alboss™.

Objective 2 - Explore, compare and contrast different sources of capital
In addition to securing debt finance or issuing equity through a listed exchange, Activated Logic may be able to offer alternative funding options including private equity and venture capital, through Activated Logic’s network of established relationships with numerous private equity and venture capital firms (Activated Logic is a member of AVCAL).

Objective 3 - Develop attractive investment proposals
Based on the intended investment avenue, prepare customised proposals which are financially and strategically attractive to the target audience by providing indicative valuation metrics including NPV, IRR & Stacked Incline valuation methodologies with comprehensive scenario and sensitivity analysis reporting .

Objective 4 - Asset rationalisation – divestment of non-core assets
Following the development of an integrated investment strategy, assets which do not have a strategic fit and are considered to be either, non-core, non-value generating or even simply a drain on the management resources of your company – Activated Logic develops a structured and sensible divestment strategy to maximise the realised price for any assets.

How can alsiam help my organisation?

  • Attract finance from a range of public and private providers under more competitive and less onerous terms, through the intelligent structuring and alignment of strategic interests.
  • Increasing the financial options available to your organisation provides the ability to be able to diversify financing risks and provides valuable leverage during financing negotiations, effectively lowering your organisations cost of capital.
  • Prioritise investments to ensure the allocation of funds to value accreting opportunities with the most robust modelled economic return, and most likely prospect of achieving strategic benefits such as realising operational synergies or integrating value delivery.
  • Achieve maximum near-term value from the divestment of non-core assets, enabling the more effective allocation of funds to investments in projects of greater operational and strategic significance.
  • In addition to private equity and venture capital opportunities, from time to time Activated Logic may make a direct investment or accept equity in your organisation under a range of possible commercial arrangements, including possible investment through the Activated Logic Superannuation Trust.

This information is intended to provide a general overview of Activated Logic’s business optimisation methodologies and is not intended to provide detailed information to be able to make specific decisions. 

If you would like more information on how Activated Logic can improve your organisation please contact us.  Activated Logic, al-boss, al-siam & al-i&pi are registered trademarks owned by Activated Logic Pty Limited.

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