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Many Australian inventions have become icons of Australian innovativeness.  Not the least of which includes Mervyn Victor Richardson putting together a few used billy cart wheels and a peach tin together in 1952 leading to the invention of the world’s first lightweight petrol driven lawnmower – the Victa lawnmower.  Another icon includes the Hills Rotary Hoist which was first launched 6 years prior to the Victa lawnmower, in 1946.

In the proceeding half-century Australian technological innovativeness has come to include technological advancements as diverse as major medical innovations such as the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil® to breakthrough technologies in the fields of communications, nanotechnology and nuclear research.

Traditionally, many iconic Australian technologies have been credited to Australia being a historically isolated continent, and the shear necessity to invent tools unique for Australian requirements.  However, this very uniqueness has in recent times acted as an impediment to Australian technologies both attracting finance during the research and development phases and also achieving significant success during the commercialisation phase of development.

During the current economic downturn, it is particularly important that technology based companies fully understand the technology market development lifecycle and recognise the challenges that early stage companies face in attracting funds and partnering with suitable manufacturing, distribution or joint venture partners.

Activated Logic understands the challenges both emerging and established technology companies face in meeting their corporate objectives and is experienced in guiding technology companies through to realising their ambitions.

Activated Logic is recognised as a strategic partner of choice by many members of The Australian Technology Showcase, which Activated Logic has assisted in all aspects of Strategy, Investments and Communications http://ats.business.gov.au/Pages/Home.aspx.

Sub-Sector Focus


  • Critical-Mass Technology Assimilation
  • Enabling Technologies such as Micro-array


  • Innovative Technologies (more info in Energy)


  • Proprietary Technologies


  • Efficient Production
  • Technology Integration


  • Synchronised Communication Platforms

How can Activated Logic Help?

  • Technology Scope and Implementation Proposals with the objective of attracting government and commercial funding
  • Developmental Stage Commercialisation Strategies
  • Stakeholder Communications, with professional Integrated Marketing Plans

If you would like more information on how Activated Logic can improve your organisation please contact us.

Other Industry Focus Sectors:

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