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On 17 September 2019, Parkway Minerals (ASX: PWN) completed the acquisition of Consolidated Potash Corporation (CPC). The acquisition of CPC provides Parkway Minerals with an interest in the advanced stage Karinga Lakes Potash Project (KLPP) in Australia and the New Mexico Lithium Project (NMLP) in the United States. 

Through the acquisition of CPC, Parkway Minerals has also acquired the activated Mineral Extraction System (aMES™) - a highly novel technology platform shown to be effective in the recovery and production of certain compounds, including potash from concentrated brines.




Consolidated Potash Corporation (CPC) is building a portfolio of global potash interests by focusing on the appraisal, development and optimisation of potash projects through the strategic integration of the aMES™ mineral processing technology.

CPC owns the exclusive global rights to utilise the aMES™ technology for potash related applications. The highest value aMES™ applications in the potash sector include primary SOP processing, whereas primary MOP applications are focused on waste brine processing.

CPC's corporate affiliate, AWT first performed aMES™ based experimental work on brine and salts sourced from the Karinga Lakes sulphate of potash (SOP) project in 2015. Based on successful validation of the advantages of aMES™ technology, in August 2017, CPC (formerly AGG) with the aMES™ based technical support of AWT, agreed to acquire a direct equity interest of up to 40% in the Karinga Lakes Potash Project (by investing up to $3 million) from the project operator, Verdant Minerals (ASX: VRM).

On the 4th of May 2018, CPC's largest shareholder, Lions Bay Capital (TSX-V: LBI) announced it had made an offer to acquire the balance of CPC.




Activated Water Technologies (AWT) is focused on commercialising the activated Mineral Extraction System (aMES™), a proprietary technology for recovering minerals, reagents & water from aqueous solutions.

Our Board of Directors consists of experienced directors that have held senior management roles with major energy and mining companies. We understand the challenges these industries face in improving efficiency and environmental sustainability of operations, all the while endeavouring to improve financial performance; that's why we are developing innovative solutions to make a meaningful difference.

Our Research & Development Team consists of experienced scientists that are passionate about their research and are recognised as leaders in their field of expertise.

At Activated Technologies, we are combining ground breaking scientific innovations, with experienced industry leadership, to contribute to a step-change in the transition to more sustainable operations in energy and water intensive industries.




Geothermal Connect™ is a unique project development platform created specifically for key market participants in the global geothermal sector. Geothermal Connect™ provides an innovative platform for bringing together geothermal project developers, operators, investors, service providers and other participants.

Activated Logic’s deep knowledge of the global geothermal sector and unique insights gained from extensive experience across the entire sector, guarantee the relevance and ultimately ensure the success of Geothermal Connect™.

Geothermal Connect™ leverages Activated Logic’s capabilities in the geothermal sector and enables our clients to not just observe industry trends but rapidly analyse the impacts of dynamic industry developments and develop strategies to confidently capture new opportunities in the fast-moving energy sector. >> READ MORE



In February 2012, Activated Logic released an abridged 36 page version the Australian Geothermal Review 2012 titled, 'The Prospect of Utility-Scale Geothermal Electricity Generation in an Australian Energy Context'.

The report provides a general introduction to geothermal energy in Australia with chapters dedicated to, Australia’s Energy Resources, Australia’s Electricity Market, Renewable Electricity Generation, Geothermal Energy and Geothermal Energy in Australia.

Australia’s ability to successfully grow its energy exports at a time of increasing energy consumption is a result of Australia’s abundance of both indigenous fossil fuel and renewable energy resources. The sustained economic development of Australia combined with the increased demands from industry and a growing population have resulted in increased demand for energy, with the primary energy consumption of Australia approximately doubling in the last three decades. >>



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