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  • Target Market Analysis
  • Market Strategy Synthesis
  • Brand Creation and Amplification
  • Media Advertising
  • Promotional Material
  • Multimedia & DVD
  • New Media Opportunities
  • Interactive Communications
  • Web Strategy & Optimisation
  • Customer Experience Audit
  • Book & Report Publishing


  • Using ‘Experiences’ to Differentiate
  • Engaging Product Market Stakeholders
  • Market Research Plan
  • Differentiation Strategies
  • Customer Pathway Examination
  • Holistic Experience Management System


  • Market Intelligence Platforms
  • Registration & Trademarks
  • Shareholder and Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Literature

What is ali&piTM?
How does ali&piTM work?
How can ali&piTM help my organisation?


As the world moves towards a new era of accelerated globalisation, an exponentially increasing proportion of consumers and businesses are embracing the seemingly endless possibilities presented by the Digital and Information age.

The interconnectivity of the global market-place also presents many serious challenges for not only organisations struggling to get their message out, but for consumers which are all too often overwhelmed by information overload.

Based on a detailed understanding of your organisation, and the customised application of the al-i&piTM proprietary methodology, Activated Logic can assist in improved engagement of your stakeholders by discovering what your target customers demand and value and benchmark their level of satisfaction. 

Activated Logic can further assist in creating, maintaining, protecting and enhancing your brand, building brand equity and manage the development of major branding strategies incorporating all communication delivery platforms including digital, print, television & web.

Most of today's communication problems require a mix of investor-relations skills, consumer insights and relevant sector experience. Strategy, communication and client relationship marketing are the fabric of Activated Logic, with specialist areas seamlessly accessed through our existing partnerships.

Professionally managed communication allows an organisation to effectively manage the perceptions of organisational stakeholders, allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse when raising capital from shareholders, attracting a joint-venture partner, or selling products directly into a consumer market.

Understanding and engaging key stakeholders
Enhancing the satisfaction of key stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and other strategic partners

The consumer-centric marketing process
An innovative approach to examine and dissect consumer demands and actions, in contrast to basic production focussed methods

Using ‘experiences’ to differentiate your organisation
Establishing positive stakeholder experiences as an effective engagement advantage

Corporate image advertising and building your brand
Creating, maintaining, protecting and enhancing your brand, building brand equity and developing sophisticated branding strategies.


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