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Using ‘experiences’ to differentiate your organisation

Establishing positive stakeholder experiences as an effective engagement advantage

Building on the consumer-centric marketing approach further, organisations have typically viewed themselves as selling either a good or a service, but if we take a seat on the other side of the table we would see that stakeholders are after positive ‘experiences’ and solutions to their problems.  Consumers are after a ‘hassle free’ experience, a timely response to questions, to feel valued and special, all the very basic features of good customer service that are all too often overlooked in overly mechanistic marketing processes.

Ironically, most typical marketing texts still refer to various adaptations of the now defunct Four P’s of marketing which is very heavily producer focused. A preferred framework proposed by Robert Lauterborn in his landmark publication; New Marketing Litany, Lauterborn proposes that the Four P’s be replaced with the Four C’s, where the C’s are entirely customer focused.

Four P’s Four C’s

Activated LOGIC Comment

Product Customer solution something customer needs to solve problem
Price Customer cost total costs including delivery, service and operating
Place Convenience not just close-by but when you need it and being easy
Promotion Communication not just advertising but rather education on operating

How can Activated Logic help?

Understand the key factors determining a positive experience
There is enormous diversity between the demands and expectations of different consumers in the same market segment, let alone different markets, therefore it is important to gain a detailed insight into the trigger points that characterise a positive experience for each of the constituent groups within a given target market segment.

Despite the importance of customer satisfaction based positive experiences, outside of the Fortune 500 companies listed in the United States, and perhaps the Top 100 listed in Australia and other OECD countries, total customer experiences are generally underappreciated at a major cost to many companies.  A randomised customer pathway examination process is generally useful in identify major shortcomings in seemingly uncomplicated processes which inevitably are the major sources of customer dissatisfaction.

Create, implement and optimise a holistic experience management system
Engaged and satisfied customers often lead to increased brand equity and loyalty, hence the creation of a customer experience management system should be of critical importance for an organisation, and should be incorporated into all major market strategy development plans.

Activated Logic can assist your organisation develop more robust paths to market by partnering with allied organisations to ensure a broader platform of customer satisfaction encompassing delivery, installation, after-service care, support and finance and other value-adding services which are firmly customer orientated.

Total customer experiences as a source of differentiation
In an increasingly saturated marketplace with endless options for consumers, goods and services are more often than not simply an intangible means to satisfying an end, and although it may results in transient customer satisfaction this does not ensure a repeat sale, this is where the creation of memorable experiences becomes a major competitive strength.

Activated Logic is experienced in both creating memorable experiences and communicating the core messages that create a sense of loyalty, security and satisfaction beyond reason amongst the customers which make up the target market of an organisation.  The major advantage for organisations which manage to create memorable experiences is that it is very difficult for a competitor to compete and attempt to attract a customer which has had a memorable experience with your organisation.

“Keynote measures the customer experience because ultimately all business success is driven by the customer experience.”
Dr Lance Jones
Keynote Systems – Director

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