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The consumer-centric marketing process

An innovative approach to examine and dissect consumer demands and actions, in contrast to basic production focussed methods

Traditionally, organisations have been oriented towards what has come to be known as the production concept, effectively a ‘make and sell’ approach which is heavily geared towards production synergies where production efficiencies and costs per unit of production are the core drivers. Although the production concept has proven to be a successful strategy particularly since the industrial revolution, since the 19th Century the marketing environment, specifically consumer preferences have evolved rapidly. 

Historically consumers bought what was available from a producer, effectively a producer market, in contrast as we propel ourselves in to the 21st Century, consumers have never been better informed, more educated and more diverse in their demands – in essence, consumers know what they want! 

It is imperative that organisations adapt to these significant structural changes to the marketplace, and be able to “identify what consumers want, and be able to respond by delivering what consumers want, when they want it, and at a better price than the competitors – this is the crux of the consumer-centric marketing philosophy.”

The major limitation with the production concept is that it often leads to marketing myopia where an organisation is out of the touch with the marketplace and changing consumer preferences and the organisation eventually loses sight of the real objective – satisfying customer needs.

How can Activated Logic help?

Identifying and understanding customer needs
For organisations to remain competitive they need to understand the current needs of their target customers, and even attempt to foresee the future changes in preferences or in the case of powerful organisations such as some multinationals, actually directly influence  what customers demand.

In order to be able to fully understand the demands of a consumer market, Activated Logic prepares a detailed market research plan which investigates the key needs, wants and demands of specific segments within the target consumer groups and determines the optimal delivery mechanism, and the maximum practical value that could be reasonably demanded.

Respond to customer needs
Only after an organisation has a reasonably accurate and detailed understanding of the desires of its target audience, can an organisation devise an effective strategy to attract, engage, satisfy and sustain an enduring relationship with its core customers.

It is essential that any attempt to satisfy customer needs is structured, well planned, executed accurately and is well supported to ensure it has the maximum prospect of success, as bad experiences are unfortunately be preferentially remembered over good experiences.  Activated Logic is able to conduct independent 360o customer experience audits to establish the current level of customer satisfaction, which will provide a platform for improvement and benchmarking of future performance.

Integrated marketing – sense and respond
Responding to customer needs on the basis of accurate market research is a good strategy, but is generally only as effective as the research used in the analysis and as the assumptions in strategy formulation.  Consumers needs change rapidly in the current hypercompetitive environment and it is important to incorporate up to date market research in to all aspects of the strategy, investment and communication strategies of your organisation.

Activated Logic is able to develop dynamic market intelligence platforms that result in immediate impacts to an organisations value delivery network to continually enhance customer experiences and ensure the sustained source of competitive advantage of your organisation is maintained and strengthened.

“As long as repeat business is important, and as long as customers have a chance to go somewhere else, the delivery of high levels of customer satisfaction is essential for a company to be successful”
Claes Fornell
University of Michigan

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