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Corporate image advertising and building your brand

Creating, maintaining, protecting and enhancing your brand, building brand equity and developing sophisticated branding strategies.

The overarching objective of every organisation.
BUILDING YOUR BRAND.  The brand of your company, your products and what you represent! 

By creating strong brands, organisations are creating strong emotional relationships with customers that are likely to associate memorable experiences with your company and nurture both a sense of loyalty and legitimacy for which consumers are often willing to pay a premium for; this is the power of a brand – Brand Equity.

Definition of Brand Equity: 
The sum of all the perceived positive benefits and featured associated with a brand in the opinion of a consumer who is willing to pay a premium over an otherwise comparable good or service.
The key attractiveness of brand equity is what it represents.  At the core or brand equity is a loyal, satisfied and engaged customer base – effectively customer equity, this strong association between a company, a brand and its customers is a powerful combination and is a very strong source of competitive advantage. 

How can Activated Logic help?

Building and protecting your brand
It is important to understand that everything in your organisation, everything your organisation represents, its values, its people, and the experiences it creates in the minds of consumers is associated and directly captured in the brand of your organisation.

When creating and building brands the expected consumer response and experience should be kept front and centre. The objective of your brand is to create brand-equity, for consumers to associate memorable experiences and satisfaction with your brand, hence the brand building process needs to be woven into the fabric of the organisation. Activated Logic can assist in the creation, building and protection of the brands of your organisation.

Extracting value from your brand
Extracting value from an organisation’s brands is often a very unsystematic process and is generally based on limited business connections or near term monetisation, rather than a value chain analysis approach where a strategic review can determine the optimal pathway to extract value for the organisation.

Activated Logic can conduct a detailed scenario and sensitivity analysis for each of the value extracting opportunities and “compare and contrast key benefits such as low capital investment requirements against key risks such as having third-parties in control of the core intellectual property of your organisation”, which will enable management to make a more informed and risk-averse decision.

Developing your brands
Many organisations succeed with their foundation brands, the brands that defined who they are and why they are in business.  Generally after some preliminary success, organisations often get complacent and attempt to replicate their initial success by launching brand extensions, or even releasing entirely new brands.

The strategy of extending brands to leverage off from the initial success is a potentially attractive proposition; however the major risks are generally under-appreciated, and not only will failure of the brand extension be a poor investment decision, but it undermines the entire brand of the organisation. Activated Logic can assist in a creative and structured approach to developing and road-testing your brands without the major risks of market failure.

“Long-term brand equity and growth depends on our ability to successfully integrate and implement all elements of a comprehensive marketing program.”
Timm Crull
Nestle – CEO & Chairman

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