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our approach

Over the past decade we have worked with a diverse group of clients ranging from international government backed resource investment companies, to start-ups that are keen to burst out into the marketplace with a great product. 

Although success presents itself in different forms at different stages of an organisations development lifecycle, Activated Logic has found there are a few essential business ingredients that all successful organisations share:


It is critical to have a structured and well thought out strategic plan for your organisation, to provide guidance to the organisation about its identity, values, objectives and broad strategies for how those objectives will be achieved. 

Most organisations that fail, more often than not have poorly conceived strategies. No investment bank or sophisticated investor would invest in an organisation with a poor strategy; therefore neither should your organisation expect its stakeholders to. Click here for more information


With the deterioration of capital markets and increasing competition for limited investment capital, it has never been more important to be able to attract funding, leverage investment opportunities and monetise assets efficiently.

A well structured financial and investment approach has the potential to significantly lower the costs of doing business, reduce risks regarding funding certainty, provide leverage in negotiations, maximise value realisation opportunities and improve the organisations cost of capital. Click here for more information


The key to gaining support from an organisation’s core stakeholders is timely, accurate and professional communication that keeps all interested parties engaged and committed.

Professionally managed communication, allows an organisation to more effectively manage the perceptions of organisational stakeholders, which range from raising capital from shareholders, to attracting a joint-venture partner. Click here for more information

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